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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

For added ease and convenience when cleaning your home, BISSELL stocks a range of lightweight vacuum cleaners that require significantly less time and effort to operate than the heavier models. The bagless lightweight upright vacuum cleaners are tough enough to tackle everyday household cleaning task and are some of the best on the UK market, making BISSELL an industry leading vacuum cleaner brand. These units are ideal tools for quick but thorough clean-ups anywhere in the home. Find out more about our full range of vacuum cleaners

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  1. BISSELL CrossWave™ All in one multi-surface cleaning system 1713

    The Crosswave is a first of its kind multi-surface floor cleaner that washes, vacuums and dries your floors all at the same time. It has powerful suction to rid your floors of unwanted dirt and dust, whilst simultaneously scrubbing your floors.

  2. NEW

    Featherweight™ 2-in-1 Vacuum 2024e

    A 2-in-1 High Power Lightweight Vacuum - perfect for quick cleaning. The BISSELL Featherweight will help reduce the effort and time taken to clean your home and is great for cleaning dirt on hard floor surfaces around your home.

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