Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our customer's most frequently asked questions:

How does the machine and formula clean and apply Scotchgard™ protection at the same time? Doesn't the action of cleaning remove all of the Scotchgard™ protection?

The BISSELL deep cleaner removes dirt, oils and stains, while the patented Scotchgard™ protection surrounds and remains on carpet fibres. Deep cleaning DOES NOT remove all mill-applied Scotchgard™ protection. When hot water extraction (or deep cleaning) occurs, some protection is diminished and/or masked by the cleaning surficants left behind. All deep cleaning machines/systems leave behind some residual cleaning solution - that is they do not extract all of the water/cleaning solution from the carpet. Now with the new BISSELL deep cleaner, Scotchgard™ protection remains on carpet fibres, keeping carpets looking good, for longer.

Why do you have to go through the extra step of using the post cleaning spray? Isn't the deep cleaning formula strong enough? Why do I need to use both?

You do not have to "go through an extra step". The new BISSELL deep cleaning formulae will apply Scotchgard™ protection to carpet fibres during the cleaning process. Applying an extra layer of Scotchgard™ protection (with the post cleaning sprayer) enhances resistance to dirt and tough stains. By using both products, mill-type protection is restored to carpet fibres, providing a greater level of protection against soiling and most common household stains.

Will the process "seal" dirt into the carpet? Can BISSELL's machine guarantee the carpet will be as clean as it was when the manufacturer applied the original Scotchgard™ protection in the mill?

No, the process will not seal dirt into the carpet. While no deep cleaning system can guarantee restoring the carpet to "new", the BISSELL ProHeat Pro-Tech machine, along with the new deep cleaning formulae, provide an advanced cleaning performance and now also offer the added benefit of Scotchgard™ protection.

Is this product safe for use around children and pets? Can my one year old crawl safely on the carpet after I've cleaned and applied Scotchgard™ protection?

Yes, the products are safe for use around children and pets when used as directed. Yes, children and pets can crawl on carpets after use. However, it is recommended to first let the carpet dry thoroughly.

Doesn't the Scotchgard™ protection from the manufacturer last forever if professionally deep cleaned every two years? Why now do I have to re-apply with this system?

Although mill applied protection treatments are durable, no protective treatment's performance lasts forever. Re-application of Scotchgard™ protection by a certified professional has always been recommended in order to boost protection to a carpet where mill treatment may have been slightly diminished through every day use and maintenance over time. Now, the recommended re-application of Scotchgard™ protection can be delivered through the BISSELL ProHeat Pro-Tech deep cleaning system.

How many rooms will 1 bottle of formula clean?

We cannot say exactly as it depends on how much the trigger is pressed during the cleaning process but approximately 2-3 average size rooms.

Can I use any Bissell formula in any carpet cleaner?

Any of the Wash & Protect range and the Carpet Wash can be used in all upright machines.  The formula for compacts is only for use in the portable or handheld spotcleaners.

How do I work out how much formula is required?

You will have a solution line on your tank or a measure cup to help with this.

Can I use ‘non-Bissell’ formulas in my Bissell machine?

Not recommended

How does the ‘buy 3, pay for 2’ offer work, can I mix and match?

You can mix and match with the 3 for 2 offers, the system will discount the cheapest product, you must however enter 3 products into the checkout to receive the discount.

How quickly should it take my carpets to dry?

Approximately 3-4 hours depending on weather conditions.

Can I use a machine on wool carpets?

Not recommended

Which machines can I use on laminate floor?

Lift Off Steam Mop 23K5e & Vac & Steam 1132e.

Where do I find the model/serial number of my machine?

On the label which is usually located on the back or the base of the unit, the serial number follows the model number.

Who sells extended warranties?

Recommend Domestic & General

When will you have reconditioned machines available as I’ve seen some before available to buy? 

We cannot say exact times when these will be available as it depends on products being returned to us, we advise to regularly check the website.

Can I wash the filters in the machine and how often should they be replaced?

Yes these can be washed and should not need replacing if cleaned regularly.

Can I use ‘Febreeze’ filters in any vacuum?

No these are just for use in the Floors & More range of vacuum cleaners.

What Is ECO legislation?

ECO legislation The regulations have been introduced to drive improvement in vacuum cleaner design as it relates to energy usage, and to create standardised performance metrics for vacuum cleaners. In doing so, it allows for consumers to make more informed decisions when selecting a vacuum. The energy label will be familiar, as it has been used on refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines since the early 1990’s

What is the wattage of each machine?

This can be found under the specifications of the products online.

Do you have any machine that vacuums and cleans?

The All Rounder 81N7e