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Scotchgard Carpet Shampoo

Protect your carpets and upholstery with BISSELL's Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector carpet shampoo. With wear from dirt and traffic, the carpet's protection wears away with time and loses it initial ability to repel stains. The more traffic and/or dirt, the faster it wears, so using a carpet shampoo with Scotchgard™ Protector will help to repel liquids and block stains from appearing on your carpets & upholstery. Browse our full range of carpet shampoo's online at BISSELL Direct to find a carpet shampoo that best suites your needs.

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  1. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Pet 1087N

    The perfect carpet shampoo for anyone who has a pet in the family. Pet Odour and Soil removal formula is designed to penetrate and break down difficult pet odours that other carpet shampoos can have problems with.

  2. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Professional 1089N

    If you are looking for the best carpet shampoo, we would recommend the BISSELL Wash & Protect 2X Concentrated Professional formula with Scotchgard™ Protection

  3. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Wash & Protect Stain & Odour 1086N

    The BISSELL Wash & Protect 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaning formula with Scotchgard™ protection is a dual action formula that deep cleans and protects in one easy step.

  4. 3 for 2 Offer

    Wash & Remove Pro Total 2212e

    This is our first carpet shampoo that includes the fresh scent of Febreze, Scotchgard Protector and Oxy, enabling your BISSELL carpet cleaner to permanently remove tough stains and protect your carpets fibres while leaving them smelling cotton fresh.

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