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Clean-Up Spots & Stains

Tackle tough stains & dirt spots with BISSELL's range of spot & stain removal products. These products are specially formulated to safely clean and protect carpets and upholstery while gently removing tough stains, embedded dirt and odours. Or browse our full range of carpet shampoo's online at BISSELL Direct to find a carpet shampoo that best suites your needs.

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  1. BISSELL SpotClean Bundle BUN1083e

    BISSELL SpotClean Bundle BUN1083e

    This is a 1L bottle of carpet shampoo that should be used in spot cleaners for fast and effective spot & stain removal. It safely cleans carpet and water-safe fabrics and refreshes fibers with a fresh fragrance scent.

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  2. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Tough Stain Pre-cleaner 1147E

    Packaged in a convenient trigger spray, the BISSELL Tough Stain pre-cleaner is a tough cleaner in its own right. Will help remove even stubborn stains and embedded soil when used as a pre-treatment on high traffic areas and difficult stains in preparation

  3. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Pet Stain & Odour Remover 1137E

    Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, the BISSELL Tough Pet Stain cleaner and pre-treatment is ideal as an addition to your carpet cleaning machine and carpet shampoo, or as a quick cleaner for pet accidents

  4. 3 for 2 Offer

    BISSELL Oxy Stain Destroyer 2021

    This aerosol carpet spot and stain remover instantly and permanently removes tough set-in stains like tomato sauce, salad dressing, dirty motor oil, vegetable oil, red wine, make-up, food grease, blood, pet stains, coffee, mud, dirt, cola, tea & more

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