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BISSELL Wash & Remove Deep Clean + Oxy 1265E


BISSELL Wash and Remove Oxy Deep Clean + Oxy-1.5L 1265E|



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Quick Overview

  • Permanently removes tough stains like red wine, coffee, tea and grape juice with the power of Oxy

  • Laboratory tested and safe to use in BISSELL and other full-sized competitor carpet cleaners-even rental machines

  • Concentrated 2X formula provides a great clean and helps remove unwanted

  • Formula contains biodegradable detergents and contains no phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners or heavy metals

  • Not suitable for use in carpet cleaners with a heating element (e.g: 34T2E, 18Z7E, 22K7E and other slightly older models)

Product Features

BISSELL Wash and Remove Oxy Deep Clean + Oxy 1.5L permanently removes tough stains with the power of OXY. Formulated, tested and produced by BISSELL, this high performance carpet shampoo will remove stains and ground in dirt leaving your carpet fresh and revitalised. BISSELL Carpet Wash carpet shampoo is safe for all full size carpet cleaning machines, and like most BISSELL cleaning solutions, it is an Earth-friendly formula that contains no heavy metals, phosphates or dyes, whilst the detergents are all biodegradable.

Technical Specs

Name BISSELL Wash & Remove Deep Clean + Oxy 1265E
Model 1265E
Type Carpet Cleaning Formula
Colour Blue/White
Floor types Carpets
Dimensions (H x W x D) 27x15x8cm
Weight ~1.7kg
Features 1.5L